I am a Professor of Corporate Finance and Project Finance at the University of Applied Science in Emden/Leer (Germany).

My previous positions include positions as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Strategic Management at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt (Germany) and a Max-Weber-Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy).  

My research interests are in international and comparative restructuring and insolvency law, financial distress, (behavioral) law and economics, (behavioral) corporate governance and entrepreneurship. With an interdisciplinary approach of law, finance and economics, I aim to discover the specific interrelations in my area of research.

I have gained my merits in teaching and researching in various national and international institutions. In addition, for 16 years, I worked in an international financial institution, among others, in London, New York and Frankfurt; my work involved risk management and investment banking, and operating as an Executive Assistant for one of the Board Members.

These experiences are the foundation for my pedagogy: teaching my students the current theoretical approaches and allowing them to understand  their impact and applicability in the real world. My teaching includes guest lectures by practitioners and simulation games that also allow my students self-reflection of leadership, the importance of communication in group works and the development of problem-solving capabilities that will prepare them for the professional world. 

I am also a member of various organizations: NextGen Program of the International Insolvency Institute (III), which awarded me the 2006 Gold Medal Prize in International Insolvency Studies, INSOL Europe and INSOL International. I have also participated in UNCITRAL colloquiums on international insolvency law and conferences organized by the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).